Random snippets of conversation


Sill mightily busy, I see a pattern emerging, here is what I heard:

  • “What’s the best way to get to Cannes?”
  • “Who here has not seen Alien? You fucking idiot…”
  • “What would be a good day for Bon Jovi Day?” [in response] “Saturday.”
  • “Jim, can you do a ‘running man’? Successfully?”
  • “Let’s meet up for some rampant bonksy.”
  • “When Banksy has sex he has a bonksy.”
  • “That’s the mutts nuts motherfucker.”
  • “Get that shit off of my table.” [in response] “It’s my pea soup!”
  • “They are all fucking ghetto bastards…”
  • “Come on you big gay mole.”

Lots of potential blog posts mounting up, maybe get round to them on the weekend. Sigh…


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