Random snippets of conversation


MASSIVELY hungover Friday banter:

  • “You’re the only person I know that drinks Irn Bru…”
  • “How can I have 58 emails already? You piece of shit…”
  • “…like a rat around shit!”
  • “I’ve just Googled ‘randy smurf’ and there’s actually quite a lot of images.” (don’t believe? Look here…)
  • “I get pen on my face whenever I go out at the moment.”
  • “I saw two accidents on my way home yesterday.” [in response] “What sort of accidents?” [in response] “People-getting-run-over accidents.”
  • “Just send a picture of your cock…”
  • “Could we reform Right Said Fred with Dale and Paul?”
  • “I used to throw down to this song.”
  • “Just creaming off all these girls…”

My sofa/bed beckons… see you on the other side…


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One response to “Random snippets of conversation

  • angelicdirt

    About that search, you really ought to know better. If you can think it, it’s been posted… negh, plastered all over the Internet. Rule 34.

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