Random snippets of conversation


Wimbledon yesterday, new desk mate today, here are Wednesday’s tidbits…

  • [sneezes] “Ooooh that was nice.”
  • “Oh he’s got Comic Sans as his signature. What a cock.”
  • “Such a London thing to say; can’t get sushi ANYWHERE!”
  • “Look at the big one he’s got on his desk…”
  • “I’m not being rude but I don’t give a fuck that your name is Christian.”
  • “Apparently, this is the best plane in the world!”
  • “One boy, one cone.”
  • “Can you send someone midgets?”
  • “Are you a licker or a biter?” [in response] “A bit of both. Depends on my mood.”
  • “One of my wanker mates is bound to have an iPhone…”

Will blog some more good stuff when I see some…


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