Random snippets of conversation


Nearly the end of the long and dragging week, banterful office:

  • “I want to cry it looks so good.”
  • “We’re Googling the SHIT out of her…”
  • [technically from an email, still funny] “Hello my favourite organiser of online campaigns for mainly movie companies”
  • “She’s lucky she’s hot.” [in response] “She’s not.” [in response] “She is.” [in response] “She’s not.” [in response] “Well…she is.” [and so on…]
  • “You could snog him. That would be really weird. If you were caught having gay sex…”
  • “I ate a 16 ounce hamburger.”
  • “Do we have a gun?”
  • “I dunno. With sperm?”
  • [singing] “Dan’s my favourite because he reminds me of a Tamagotchi…”
  • “If she put it on a plate for you you’d tuck in.”
  • “Like Holly Willoughby with an intolerance to Ryvita.”
  • “You won’t have to see him for 4 days. It’ll be like a little holiday for you.”
  • “Suicide? I just Googled it. Fucking horrible…” [in response] “I’m doing it now.”

Off to the ballet. Tally ho!

PS You can now read these, and other bits and bobs I hear, at randomsnippetsofconversation.com


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