Random snippets of conversation


Maybe it’s the sunshine, maybe the thought of the weekend but the office is BANTERFUL today:

  • “Does that mean I’m vulnerable?”
  • “I’ve got a cold. And a runny eye. And a scabby head.” [in response] “Really selling yourself there…”
  • “Had a really strong coffee at Universal. Practically hallucinating.”
  • “I look like a mini monkey.”
  • “What is it with you bitches?!”
  • “We had a massive fist fight yesterday…”
  • “Have you seen his head?” [in response] “Yeah, can’t miss it can you?”
  • “One S can make such a mess…”
  • “Is there any excuse to throw shit at me?”
  • “I feel like self harming.”
  • “He was weird. He’d probably just rape you.”
  • “Are you crying blood?” [in response] “Yeah.” [in response] “Sweet.”
  • “Yes, he said you have nice titties.”
  • “Anna doesn’t use it because she’s a spacka.”
  • “I’m going to abuse you on Twitter now.”

Right, time to come out of Friday night retirement…for a while…


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