Random snippets of conversation


Tuesday = Dance Flick + burgers + office banter:

  • “Gonna have to delete that one, got a bit of my willy in it…”
  • [worst. joke. ever.] “Did you hear in the paper, you can get it from bacon? Not smoked though, because that cures it…”
  • “You’d be very hard pushed to find a girl that I don’t actually fancy…”
  • “Look at this for a burger Anna…”
  • “Absolutely well nice.”
  • “I have a disproportionately large head…”
  • “I’ve got skanks/slagpits…”
  • “Ghetto skank. Wear a stab vest.”
  • “I imagine a paedophile walks quickly, with very small steps.”
  • “Shit conversation.” [in response] “Are you talking to yourself again?”

Until Thursday (out of the office tomorrow)…


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