Jeff Koons: Popeye Series


This weekend, I finally made it to the lovely, yet always-child-filled Serpentine Gallery to check out the Jeff Koons exhibition…

Monkey Chain

I was a big fan of some of his older work, especially the Easyfun montages and the gorgeously simplistic big-and-shiny installation pieces.

The Popeye Series seems to be a bit (shudder at using this phrase) marmite. It’s a love it or hate it situation. Some of the “inflatable” work, especially the multiple iterations of the lobster, although fun, does get a bit much at time. It’s the big montage pieces like Olive Oyl (below) that made me stop and stare for longer than I usually would and really think about what I was looking at:

Olive Oyl

The exhibition is on until 13th September so get there while you can.


Sepentine Link

Jeff Koons Website


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