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This Blog is my attempt to have a creative output other than through my work, to do a bit of non-work related writing and just generally jot down my thoughts and random things I come across on the megaweb. My Random snippets of conversation posts are things I hear around my office; the stupid things people say or how certain phrases sound out when they are taken out of context. These have spawned their very own blog now. People interest me. People are funny.

What I Like: Music. Film. Photography. Art, mostly modern. Quirky design. Non-pretentious fashion. Vintage stuff. The odd geeky webby thing. Interpol. Taxidermy. Pretty food. Cakes. People watching. Listening to people’s conversations. Cities. Interesting architecture. Zachary Quinto. Sleeping. Gin & tonic. London. Stop motion animation.

I Work in the digital marketing/creative space. I like it and I soemtimes get a bit digital geeky. I apologise in advance for this.

Anything Else? No, that is pretty much me. Feel free to ping me, leave comments, whatever you like.

6 responses to “About Me

  • Tanner

    stella is an amazing song. i found this site after googling the name haha.

  • cakeheadlovesevil

    Love your blog – have added you to my blogroll

    Miss Cakehead x

  • lizzie

    Hi Stella

    We thought the below would be a great match for you blog:

    Join Damien Hirst, David Bailey and Vivienne Westwood in designing the ultimate deck of cards for Shelter

    The competition is open to anyone and allows for one lucky person to create an artwork that will be exhibited alongside Damien Hirst’s entry. The winning design, chosen by a panel of judges and the general public, will be exhibited at Haunch of Venison Gallery – with the winning designer getting two tickets to the prestigious launch party.

    The brief is to design the front of the “8 of Clubs” playing card in an imaginative and interesting way. Your finished work must represent the eight of Clubs playing card – you can interpret this however you want. But it should be the entire face of the playing card and it will be replicated in a portrait format.
    There really are no restrictions or limitations regarding the medium or design of your card. Installations, textiles, sculptures, or paintings etc. are all equally welcome. Your piece just needs to be in the form of an original artwork that can be reproduced as a real playing card, and also in an exhibited form that can be photographed and then also replicated in this way.
    Please do bear in mind that while we do not want to restrict the size of your work, your “card” is to be exhibited along with 53 others.
    All entries should be formatted as JPEG, PNG or GIF files (maximum size of file to be uploaded should be 1MB)

    The site can be viewed and entries uploaded from the 13th July. Please go to shelterhouseofcards.org.uk to enter.

    Website designed by Leo Burnett in association with Stink Digital.

    Hope you like!

    Lizzie x

  • M

    Ha, I’m getting an MS in StratComm so I’m intrigued by the idea of a job as a strategist, especially if it involves film. That must be pretty damn cool. Like the blog a lot!

  • The Spy

    Thanks M

    Feel free to drop me an email if you wanna know more 🙂

  • yamilandres

    just like somebody else here, I found this website when googling “stella was a diver”… for me, one of the best songs ever made, just can’t let go of it

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