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Dorian Gray teaser trailer

Sadly, doesn’t excite me as much as I feel it should AND I feel the story has “Tim Burton” written all over it so it’s a shame it’s not him but… well, have a look anyway…

What I’ve been up to…

Super Contemporay Coco Avant Chanel Futurism Moon

Super Contemporay @ Design Museum: Hugely inspiring look at iconic deisgn in, around or created in London. Especially loved the maps created for individual’s own London life. On my recommended list.

Coco Before Chanel: 30 minutes too long, too much time spent stringing out the beginning in slummy old Paris, not enough empathy with Coco. I so badly wanted to love it too…

Futurism @ Tate Modern: A little wishy washy but some good pieces to see. Not the sculpture. Do not like the sculpture.

Per Kirkeby @ Tate Modern: A bit angry for my liking.

Moon: Super intelligent film. Love Sam Rockwell. Love Kevin Spacey’s creepy-yet-etheral voiced GERTY. Brilliant artwork too.

Gilbert & George JACK FREAK PICTURES @ White Cube, Hoxton: Bold, brash and brassy, as I’ve come to expect from the Shoreditch-based twosome. Worth a scoot around if you’re in the area.

A little bit of trailer love

Here I am, back blogging!

Two trailers that have really stood out over the past couple of weeks:

The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus aka “the one with Heath Ledger which he will no doubt win posthumous awards for come awards season” which looks simply stunning:

Where The Wild Things Are (second trailer) reminds everyone of childhood, has Spike Jonze at the directorial helm and features that awesomely perfect Arcade Fire soundtrack:

A really great trailer can do wonders for film releases, creating that all-important hype around a release. There is certainly an art behind creating a great trailer, which can sometimes lead to disappointment when the trailer is actually better than the film itself.

A little bit of food for thought…

Alice In Wonderland Teaser Trailer Excitement!

OMG (and other teeny webby acronyms) how freaking good does this look?!

Alice in Wonderland, take two


New pic of Alice from Tim Burton’s much-anticipated Alice In Wonderland.


More at Empire…

Down the rabbit hole…

alice in wonderland

Just HOW good does ‘Alice In Wonderland’ by Tim Burton look?!

Loads of interactive concept art here…

Cast include Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Quelle suprise…

Post-it Love: A short film

More cute post-it note based frippery, this is so twee it’s practically a Belle & Sebastian video: