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My oh my, doesn’t time fly


On Friday, someone at my new job asked me whether I had a blog. Well, I replied, I have a few but I don’t update them often enough. When I came on to this one I realised how true that was so I really REALLY am going to make more of an effort to do blogging. Honest I will.

So, what have I been up to and what’s been good?

I went to see Submarine, written and directed by Richard Ayoade who I’m a bit of a fan of. What a refreshingly lovely, very ‘British’ film full of poignant humour and sweet surreal moments. I even liked Alex Turner’s soundtracking. Here’s a trailer:

I went to the Pick Me Up exhibition at Somerset House, a veritable visual feast from graphic artists around the globe with a bias towards the UK (and especially London-based artists). It was an inspiring and thought-provoking afternoon and I especially loved Anthony Burrill’s workshop room, complete with a DJ spinning some Jean Michel Jarre, and I even purchased a print from the Conrete Hermit shop. I’ll take a photo of it once it’s framed and up on my wall.

I went to see Interpol, naturally, last week at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. They played The Specialist, my favourite ever song which I’ve never seen them play live before. Some clever person filmed it and popped it on YouTube:

Whilst I don’t generally agree with people doing this at gigs (mainly as they out their cameras in my way so I can’t see), I’ll let them off just this once. They also dropped The New and NYC. No Stella or Roland though… but I still love them.

I’ve also recently had a little trip to NYC. We stayed in the lovely West Village, spent our time eating incredible food, wandering round lovely neighbourhoods and found some time to explore MoMA which I’d recommend to anyone who won’t find tourists exploring the museum via the art of taking iPhone photographs of EVERYTHING. Sometimes, technology really does irritate me. There was a cool little Andy Warhol video exhibition hidden away at the top – go see it if you’re there and it’s still on.

Next on my little list of ‘to dos’ is the next Secret Cinema – I’ve been to three now and they just get better and better each time. I also quite fancy checking out the Designs of the Year exhibition over at the Design Museum and Gabriel Orozco at Tate Modern.

That is all for now. Tally ho!


Woah, it’s been almost a year

My oh my, doesn’t time fly?

It seems like I have been neglecting Stella Was A Diver for so long now that almost a year has passed since my last post.

Bad me.

That’s what a new job will do to you. But, seeing as I am still getting traffic, I shall endeavour to get back into blogging. Poke me if I don’t do a very good job please.

Back to the old style of things, here’s a few interesting things I’ve been doing in the last few weeks…

I went to see the fab little French stop motion animation film called A Town Called Panic a couple of weeks back at my all-time favourite cinema Screen on the Green (it has sofas and they bring you wine to your seat, what’s not to love?). Trailer below:

Essentially a feature-length Cravendale advert written by someone with an over-active imagination and short attention span, this is a fab little oddball of a film.

When I was invited to go to Museum of Everything two weekends ago I was super excited. Tucked away on a back street near Primrose Hill, this place is a veritable rabbit warren of interesting things curated by Sir Peter Blake. Think Victorian fairground paraphernalia and freak show memorabilia, and a hodge-podge of children’s toys rubbing shoulders with an incredible taxidermy collection from Walter Potter’s Museum of Curiosity. Go see whilst it’s still there, if only for the boxing rats.

If you ever has the pleasure of visiting La Clique during their London residency then you’re pretty much there with La Soiree. In a temporary, wooden, saloon-styled big top on the South Bank I enjoyed a night of comedy and cabaret from the weird and the wonderful – think contortionists, hula hooping and leftfield comedy with a sprinkle of vaudeville, a touch of naughtiness and a generous helping of humour. Check it out here.

On a musical tip, it’s been a bit quiet on the gig-going front of late, though I did manage to catch Crystal Castles at the Roundhouse. On a Friday night and with a relatively late start, the shouty electro-tinged duo got the entire venue dancing. An awesome start to the weekend. Tons of exciting gigs coming up in the next month or so including The National, Fujiya & Miyagi, Soulwax and my beloved Interpol. Oh, and my first ever ATP too.

I’ve also been eating some delicious food recently (note my ever-increasing stomach) at the likes of Hix Oyster & Chop House, Giant Robot, Moro and best-steak-ever at Gaucho. My tummy’s starting to rumble even as I type.

Finally, I feel I should mention The Social Network, given my line of work. When I heard that they were making “The Facebook film” I decided it would be terrible. When I saw the trailers and (albeit rather nicely designed) website I still wasn’t convinced. Even the through-the-roof Rotten Tomatoes ratings and raving reviews would not move my scepticism. Then one evening, my friend who works for an unnamed popular film magazine told me that it was actually really rather good and suprisingly quite funny. So I went to see it and I must eat my words as I actually quite enjoyed it. I am now mostly looking forward to the next social network themed film, Catfish – trailer below:

Anywho, I think I’ve rambled quite enough for one day now. There’s plenty I have forgotten and plenty more to come.

Methinks this blog could do with a design refresh. Any thoughts/assistance welcome…

Some musical minutes with me!

Very excited at buying many gig tickets this month (not Glasto, too much fear after 2007’s mudfest), so here’s some nice music vids from people I’m going to see in the forseeable future…

Yet more happy days to come. Anyone fancy 2ManyDJs/Soulwax in December…?

My Weekend…

some urban art in Bristol

…went a bit like this…

  1. Vodka party @ work, courtesy of 42 Below Vodka. Photos on FB. Messy.
  2. Prestige & Shelly. My new favourite transvestites.
  3. Slinky-than-thou hips and awesome light show @ Friendly Fires. Amazing.
  4. Train to Bristol. Sleepy.
  5. Japanese food, plum wine & karaoke. Awkward.
  6. Remembering being a student. Nostalgic.
  7. Food, cards & jumble sales @ Start The Bus. Perfect.
  8. Sleepy train home. Zzzzzzzz…

Things I did this weekend

chopsticksthe dark knight chicken the wrestler yeah yeah yeahs

With miniature reviews, almost like a post-event Twitter feed:

  1. Ate Japanese from Shiso. It was so-so.
  2. Watched The Dark Knight on DVD. It was as good as I remembered from the cinematic experience.
  3. Roasted a chicken. Ate it.
  4. Saw The Wrestler @ The Prince Charles. It depressed me a little.
  5. Went to see Yeah Yeah Yeah’s @ Shepherds Bush Empire.  They were amazing. Karen O was charismatic as ever. Nick Zinner was his usual incredible guitar wielding, effects pedal laden pixie-from-a-Tim-Burton-film self. There was lots of pretty stage confetti. They played Y Control and Bang. This pleased me.

That is all.

They might be terrible…

3D Glasses

…but pork face fronted dull MOR band Keane are doing something quite cool – namely a live gig from Abbey Road, streamed through the meganet on April 2nd. “Not that exciting” I hear you cry? It will be in 3D. Ooooh.

Read more at their website, if you can stomach it…

A nice way to spend a Sunday eve

Jeremy Warmsley + Stricken City: The Lock Tavern, London – 25/02/2009

A pink emu helped shelter the band from freak rain showers

A pink emu helped shelter the band from freak rain showers

Although Jeremy Warmsley was the official “headliner” for Sunday night’s Kicker Conspiracy show, I have decided to shun his a schitzophrenic mug for this rather pretty Stricken City one. Main reason? I think they deserve it more.

Each JW song is a segmented mish mash of genres, occasionally slipping into dull singer-songwriter territory with only the odd flash of brilliance to perk it up. More brilliance, less dullness and a bit of continuity would have secured Sir Warmsley photographic billing here.

Stricken City, on the other hand, are very much a well formed band without split personality tendancies (we think). Leading lady Rebekah Raa sheds her crutches to lead Stricken City into a short but marshamallow sweet set, with newbie ‘Pull The House Down’ a clear standout and somewhat predictably ending on recent acclaimed single ‘Lost Art’. Whilst tonight they don’t literally pull the house down, Stricken City should definitely be on everyone’s 2009 radar.

As the title suggests, a splendid way to spend a rainy Sunday eveing in January.