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txt spk


Is it only me that finds txt spk REALLY irritating?

Enough with your LOL’s and OMG’s already.


Poor show

Sorry, been a poor week on the blogging front…mainly due to busy work, excessive heat and the odd cocktail or two.

Will try harder next week.

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Nice weekends!

Too busy to blog today…

…will do tomorrow. Promises.

guilty panda

Teaching Twitter?

twitter bird

A former Ofsted chief has written up plans to ditch teaching traditional subjects to primary school kids and instead ween them onto the dirty world of the web, where they are taught to use Twitter, Wikipedia and learn to use spellchecker. I wasn’t even aware that you needed to be taught HOW to use spellchecker.

Should kids not be taught how to spell, rather than rely on using a machine? Do children REALLY need to be on Twitter, which is essentially only full of advertising and marketing people, and needy, attention seeking celebrities looking for a bit of free PR anyway?

Twitter rant over.

Read more shocking comments at The Guardian.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…

yeah yeah yeahs

Jumping on the bandwagon, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are streaming their new album through MySpace as of today,  well as selling digital downloads. For those traditional folk (ie myself), actual real copies of the album that you can touch and hold and love aren’t available until next month in the UK, shortly before I see them at Shepherd’s Bush, in fact.

I kind of like the ‘try before you buy’ concept of streaming music online so people can have a listen before purchasing the entire album, but surely the age old issue of copyright will rear it’s ugly head and the net will be awash with bootleg, illegal downloads? If people illegally download and don’t pay for music, bands make no money and cannot make more music. Yes, a lot of the revenue is made from live events, sponsorship and merchandising, but surely it’s going to get tougher and tougher for new bands starting out, having to essentially give stuff away for free in the vague hope that they will get picked up and can fill venues and seal sponsorship deals (not what music is about, surely?!) to make a living and therefore continue to keep our music industry alive and well?

Anyway, enough of my ranting, have a listen to ‘It’s Blitz’ here.

UPDATE: OK, so it’s not streaming the entire album, just 30 second “samples” of each song. Hmm, bit annoying, but is sounding pretty good, very synthy-electro.

Christian Bale, remixed

So everyone and his dog is talking about THE Christian Bale rant on the set of Terminator Salvation (check out TMZ’s coverage). This is my favourite remix which has already had over 600,000 views…

Something I have been pondering….

Nice Tony & Guy hairdo

Nice Tony & Guy hairdo

Why all the fuss about Lady GaGa?

I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

And on a similar subject, this whole “2009: the year of ladies with synths” thing is really bugging me. God I hate how music journalists have to categorise every single musical “movement”, however small or ridiculous it may be. The way this phrase (and variations thereof) is being bandied about amongst the music press, it’s almost as if no woman has ever picked up a synth and made some semi-electronic music. Ever.

Rant over.