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My Parents Were Awesome


Ooooooh, came across My Parents Were Awesome a few days ago and meant to blog it – essentially a lovely little photoblog with user-submitted pictures of their parents, back in the day, looking…AWESOME!


Check it.


A quick fix of nice links

trashy pin-up cups

Due to my busy-ness, here are a couple of links that I liked the look of this week…

  1. Trashy Pin-Up Art gallery over at Trendhunter
  2. Ironically amusing collection of hints & tips from trashy womens mags at the Hero of Switzerland blog
  3. Random sandwiches at
  4. Nice tilt-shift time-lapse animation of a beach
  5. flickr gallery of hand drawn-on cups


More Post-it Note Love

Post-it Note Stories

Stella Was A Diver loves Post-it Notes and here is the latest Post-it innovation, Post-it Note Stories, a blog of stories created entirely on Post-it notes.

How many more times can I use the name ‘Post-it Notes’ in this post…?

New favourite blog alert!

Domestic Sluttery

Domestic Sluttery.

Full of lots of beautiful things that I want in my home.

Love it.


Lego Arcade

Lego. Retro computer games. Stop motion animation.

What is not to love?

Yet another neatorama joy link.

Heart beats fast like a tiny machine…

…I am electro boy. I am electro girl.

Just spotted this competition for The Mighty Boosh fans on the YouTube homepgae. Video from Naboo explaining below…

Series 4, anyone?

Rick’s Custom Squirrels

a custom squirrel

Yet more of my taxidermy obsession…Richard Nadeau creates custom squirrel taxidermy.

Weird and wonderful.

Link: neatorama