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New favourite taxidermy blog

taxidermy that is bad

Taxidermy That Is Bad.

Courtesy of my morning Metro reading.

Happiest People Ever!


Tres funny blog of non-happy looking people in photographs.

Link here…

Passive-aggressive notes

passive-aggressive note

Stumbled across this morn and I LOVE it.

A collaborative blog where people send in post-its and other notes they find, mostly with a passive-aggressive flavour.

Happy reading!

Overheard in New York

Overheard in New York

Just came across Overheard in New York, a blog dedicated solely to listening in on what people say…just like my Random snippets of conversation posts.

Love it.

Knitted village


Firstly, apologies for the origins of the link… but how cute, the ladies of Mersham Afternoon Club in Kent have knitted their entire village!

Tons of images at the aforementioned link here…

Guinea pigs in jackets

guinea pig

Yes, I am obsessed with pets in clothes.

Link for more…

A rabbit in pearls

rabbit in pearls

Awesomely bizarre collection of Victorian Taxidermy – especially loving the animals in jewellery a la the little critter above.

Found at Super Punch.