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My Bank Holiday Weekend

cocktail coraline meatballs Will

Went something like this:

  1. Incredible jerk chicken and cocktails, cocktails, cocktails in Banners
  2. Playing with my new camera. Oooh.
  3. Amazing stop motion animation aka Coraline in 3D
  4. Catching up with friends
  5. Homemade meatballs
  6. Spotting Will from The Inbetweeners in Covent Garden. Best “celeb” spot ever.
  7. Carrot cake baking
  8. Lots of wine by a water mill in the countryside
  9. Creepy rocking chair and screaming at The Woman in Black (technically yesterday but still counts in my mind)

A day or so late, but hey that’s ok.

Rainbow cakes

Yep, this beauty has been all over the web recently and I am a little late on the uptake but this is pure baking genius…

rainbow cake

Instructions come courtesy of the lovely folks at the Omnomicon blog…


Lovely bit of stop motion animation with cakes, fruit and vegetables…