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Dead fly art. Yes, seriously.

OMG Miss Cakehead has done it again with her blog post on dead fly art. Love. It.

fly art

Rubbish art

Junk have created some amazing pieces of shadow artwork using piles of artfully placed rubbish:


More Junk

even more Junk

More here.

Thanks to one of my favourite bloggers, Miss Cakehead, for le link.

Facial Hair ist fantastiche!

mmmm, beardy

Great image gallery round up of the best facial hair from the recent Beard and Mustache Championships at Cakehead Loves Evil…

Today’s two favourite posts…

…over at the Cakehead Loves Evil blog are as follows (click on the chicken in a can one for more grotesque imagery of said chicken leaving said can):

birds nest hair

chicken in a can

That is all.

Cakehead Loves Evil lives here.

A REALLY hungry caterpillar

hungry caterpillar

Spotted at Cakehead Loves Evil.

Genius cupcakery.

Playing with your food

I like art. I like food. Put ’em together and whaddya get…?

courgette skeleton

carrot horse

moon bread

Thanks to Cakehead Loves Evil for le link to Edith Zimmerman’s blog, which is full of foody art and arty food and some other bits and bobs.