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Still in love?

The Stills: Cargo, London – 25/11/08

Aren't we cute?!

Aren't we cute?!

NOSTALGIA ALERT!: Way back in my uni days, I stumbled across a little know Canadian band with whom I feel instantly in love with. I bought their first EP the day it was released, then the first album. I saw them multiple times, witnessed their first ever UK encore at Manchester’s Night & Day Cafe. I even met them (lovely guys!) whilst rummaging around beaten leather jackets and old Levi 501s at Reading Festival circa 2004. Then they released their second album. I hated it. I fell out of love.

Fast forward 4 years and, lo and behold, my old flames are back. And not only that, they are playing a gig a mere stones throw from my place of work. So I buy tickets and take my old uni housemate along for kicks.

THE ACTUAL REVIEW: So, how do my long lost loves compare to those early days? As I walk into Cargo my heart lifts. There they are, hanging out in the bar! On to the gig and as the first song kicks in my heart sinks. I hate it. I am also completely unconvinced by the band’s apparent attempt to be more rock ‘n’ roll, swearing, thrashy guitars and the like. It seems contrived. They are just too sweet and endearing to pull it off. Luckily, by song number three (Panic) I am starting to be convinced. By the epic drums of song four (name unknown – sorry guys!) I am hooked once again. Stand outs include Roobios, Still In Love Song and Hands On Fire and the only low point is Destroyer, the song that turned me off in the first place.

So, am I still in love with the Stills? Most definitely.