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I just saw UP… and other 3D film thoughts

…and I actually loved it.


When the talk of bringing back 3D films started, I was sceptical. Gimmick. Total gimmick. Leave it back in the past, with those funny little cardboard glasses with different coloured lenses.

Then I saw Coraline in 3D and I fell in love.

Today I went to see Disney’s crack at 3D animation. After incredible reviews from across the pond, albeit 5 months ago (why oh why has it taken so long to release over here?) today I braved the cinema full of kids and irritating couples and went to see UP.

The story is original, the script is funny, the characters are cute and the 3D effects are blended seamlessly, not distracting and merely enhancing the plot. It’s genuinely a brilliant, feel-good film.

Sooooo yes, whilst 3D is still a little gimmicky, I think it is here to stay. Just imagine if something like The Ring had been made in 3D? What about using 3D tech for epic nature documentaries, a la the BBC’s Planet Earth series? The potential for 3D films is certainly more than just family-friendly animation and could be the catalyst to make serious changes to both the film production industry, and also to how we consume films.

Filmic rant over. For now…

See more UP [starts 32 seconds in…damn Disney and their privacy policies]:

My Bank Holiday Weekend

cocktail coraline meatballs Will

Went something like this:

  1. Incredible jerk chicken and cocktails, cocktails, cocktails in Banners
  2. Playing with my new camera. Oooh.
  3. Amazing stop motion animation aka Coraline in 3D
  4. Catching up with friends
  5. Homemade meatballs
  6. Spotting Will from The Inbetweeners in Covent Garden. Best “celeb” spot ever.
  7. Carrot cake baking
  8. Lots of wine by a water mill in the countryside
  9. Creepy rocking chair and screaming at The Woman in Black (technically yesterday but still counts in my mind)

A day or so late, but hey that’s ok.

Coraline loveliness

I have been excited about Coraline ever since I stumbled across the trailer.

Stop-motion animation (a current “thing” for me), the Tim Burton-esque concept (director Henry Selick was also behind Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas) and the beautiful crafty handmade aesthetic is a winner in my metaphorical books, not to mention the 3D aspect – to those of you who laughed at my 3D glasses on my desk at work…ha, told you they’d come in handy!

50 covetable handmade wooden boxes containing character arms, keys, buttons and a whole host of Coraline-themed goodies were sent to key bloggers across the globe (I SO want one of these, dammnit) and have cause a frisson of excitement.

W+K, the agency behind the campaign, has complied this rather lovely video detailing the whole campaign, and you can have a play with the gorgeous website here.