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Culture Vulture: Matthew Bourne’s Dorian Grey @ Sadler’s Wells

Dorian Grey

I admit it. I like modern ballet.

I LOVE Matthew Bourne productions. His most recent is no exception.

Now showing at Sadler’s Wells, the classic tale of Dorian Grey has been given a modern day meedja twist, turning it into a social comment on vanity and the trappings of celebrity culture.

Many of the reviews have slated the music but, hey I liked it. With a small amount of classical thrown in for good measure (from Romeo & Juliet no less), the electro-tinged score is both unsettling and achingly cool and with a minimal, black and white, constantly revolving and changing set, a cast full of beautiful people and a storyline based on modelling, photography and modern culture tied into the fascination of celebrity.

I can sum up Dorian Grey as this; if the media industry made a ballet, this would be it.

More info here…

Dance sucker dance

I have just been alerted to this video (sorry, can’t embed it?). It’s just…incredible. Plus I want this as a playlist, great musical tasteage.