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A quick fix of nice links

trashy pin-up cups

Due to my busy-ness, here are a couple of links that I liked the look of this week…

  1. Trashy Pin-Up Art gallery over at Trendhunter
  2. Ironically amusing collection of hints & tips from trashy womens mags at the Hero of Switzerland blog
  3. Random sandwiches at insanewiches.com
  4. Nice tilt-shift time-lapse animation of a beach
  5. flickr gallery of hand drawn-on cups


Jelly on a plate


I love the work of Bompas & Parr, aka The Jellymongers, and their epic jelly sculptural delights. Today let me introduce you to The Jell-o Mould Competition. Naturally, it’s American and, naturally, it’s frickin’ awesome!

Read more at Eat Me Daily…

(Thanking Neatorama for the original link)

A REALLY hungry caterpillar

hungry caterpillar

Spotted at Cakehead Loves Evil.

Genius cupcakery.

More creative cupcakery

cookie monster cupcake

A lovely compilation of cupcake art at Cakehead Loves Evil…

Cupcake art

I was proud of my weekend cupcake handiwork…

hummingbird vanilla hummingbird chocolate

…that was, until I came across the link to these on my daily skim of Trendhunter. Nursery rhyme themed cupcakes! AMAZING!

jack and jill

Bread Art

toast art

Off the back of yesterday’s food art post comes The Bread Art Project. Sponsored by the Grain Foods Foundation in support of Feeding America, the site allows you to create a virtual piece of bread art to ‘toast’ or a toasty short animation. For each piece of art that is created, $1 is donated to the Feeding America charity.

For a charity piece, this is really quite sweet and I really like the little touches on the site, such as the food facts that pop up each time a page is loading.

I have created some toasted art but for some strange reason I cannot screengrab my masterpiece so you will just have to ‘toast’ it out for yourself . God I’m funny…

Playing with your food

I like art. I like food. Put ’em together and whaddya get…?

courgette skeleton

carrot horse

moon bread

Thanks to Cakehead Loves Evil for le link to Edith Zimmerman’s blog, which is full of foody art and arty food and some other bits and bobs.