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AMAZING digital promotion for new Editors album


This is, quite possibly, the best use of new technology I have seen in AGES for a music marketing campaign…

For the release of their new album, In This Light and On This Morning, Editors have launched an online experience using Google Maps, specifically Street View. Users must navigate their way around Google’s virtual London to find the (naturally music themed) hot spots. Upon arriving at each they are treated to a song from the album.

So very very clever.

Damn, I wish I’d thought of that.

Play and listen and feel jealous here…

Stalking London with Google

I have just written a blog post for my place of work about Google Maps Street View, as launched in the UK today.  This is where I work (the offices, not the bar). The Street View service itself is tres cool, if not a little stalker-ish.

BBC website has more.