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Some musical minutes with me!

Very excited at buying many gig tickets this month (not Glasto, too much fear after 2007’s mudfest), so here’s some nice music vids from people I’m going to see in the forseeable future…

Yet more happy days to come. Anyone fancy 2ManyDJs/Soulwax in December…?

Jack White has the skinniest legs…

What? New music vid from The Dead Weather for ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother’.

Concept: White and Mossheart shoot the shit out of each in in a dusty US middle-of-nowhere.

Style: Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is something very Tarantino about it…

Loving: We Have Band

LOVING this song AND stop motion animation music vid (created by advertising agency W+K no less) for ‘You Came Out’ by We Have Band.

Cold War Kids interactive music vid

Cold War Kids - I've Seen Enough

Yet another interactive music video, this one from Cold War Kids for “I’ve Seen Enough” lets users turn band members on and off.


Watch it at MTV…

My favourite song of the moment…

…is ‘No Kind Words’ by The Maccabees and, oh look, there is Mat Horne in the vid…

Interactive music vid: Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun

I have just stumbled across this, an interactive music video for Empire of the Sun’s ‘We Are The People’. Rollover the glowing red and yellow orbs to find hidden content and access to competitions.

Whilst I think this is a “nice idea” in theory,  in practice it’s just a bit annoying as the song keeps stopping and starting as you access content and new tabs/windows open, taking you away from the video. They could have thought this through a bit better.

Virgin Records are claiming that this is the first interactive music video. Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure that Arcade Fire beat them to it back in 2007…

Stop motion shredded animation music video!

Just as the title says.

Really pretty.

For ‘Everytime’ by Oi Va Voi.

Mute the song and watched the prettiness unravel…

[sorry I can’t embed but it’s not made it to YouTube yet]