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Tales of taxidermy

Two links on my favourite subject today:

The Gopher Hole Museum

The Gopher Hole Museum in Canada – a museum dedicated to gopher taxidermy, link from neatorama.

Twisted Taxidermy from Trendhunter

Twisted Taxidermy – Trendhunter’s collection of the oddest of odd taxidermy.

The Meat House Kit

The Meat House Kit

Potentially the weirdest thing I have seen in a long while, you can buy your very own kit to build a house out of meat…

Only in America.

Link from neatorama.

Lego Arcade

Lego. Retro computer games. Stop motion animation.

What is not to love?

Yet another neatorama joy link.

Jelly on a plate


I love the work of Bompas & Parr, aka The Jellymongers, and their epic jelly sculptural delights. Today let me introduce you to The Jell-o Mould Competition. Naturally, it’s American and, naturally, it’s frickin’ awesome!

Read more at Eat Me Daily…

(Thanking Neatorama for the original link)

Rick’s Custom Squirrels

a custom squirrel

Yet more of my taxidermy obsession…Richard Nadeau creates custom squirrel taxidermy.

Weird and wonderful.

Link: neatorama

Folded paper art

Simon Schubert - folded paper art

Simon Schubert makes beautiful bits of art, simply by folding paper.

See more clever prettiness here.

Thanks neatorama for the linkypops.

Making art from the everyday…


Bernard Pras makes works of art out of everyday items. Pretty nice. Lots more here.

Found on neatorama.