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What I am up to…

Yes yes, I have been somewhat neglectative (is that even a word? Spellcheck says no…) of Stella Was A Diver of recent times. I’m sorry. I have many a-project on the go in work life , in regular life and all forms of life betwixt.

If you hop on over to my new photo blog one photo each day you will see that, in an attempt to get back into doing photography, I am documenting my entire life by taking one photo each day.

I am now also writing all about social media goodness and creativeness on a new collaborative project. That link will follow when there’s a bit more content and stylings sorted.

On the weekend, I “did some culture” and visited the National Portrait Gallery to see, as I do every year, the Photographic Portrait Prize. There’s some amazing photography there, go see it while you can. Some of my favourites below…

(note that the colours and prints are much more incredible “in real life”)

I also made it to The Photographers Gallery, happily settled in its new backstreet Soho home. What a lovely venue. Slightly depressing exhibition subject matter at the moment, however.

Tomorrow, I am very much looking forward to going to see Shutter Island (hooray for having film clients!), there’s some trailerlove for you below. Looks good, no? AND I intend to check out Damien Hirst’s new exhibition at White Cube Hoxton soon. Seeing as I can see it from my desk I think “why not?!”

Photographical goodness


Oooh, a couple of nice little photography projects to chat about this month:

  • The Impossible Project is a collaboration between Urban Outfitters and Polaroid to support the launch of a new Polaroid camera. More on the official website.
  • More analog photography fun at We Share Stories, part of the Singapore Design Festival. Submit your pics to be part of an interactive display.

These both come courtesy of Miss Cakehead’s blog. Merci beaucoup madame!

My Parents Were Awesome


Ooooooh, came across My Parents Were Awesome a few days ago and meant to blog it – essentially a lovely little photoblog with user-submitted pictures of their parents, back in the day, looking…AWESOME!


Check it.

My baby niece


My favourite photograph at the mo. Bless.

the impossible cool


Ian Curtis

Gorgeous (mostly) black & white photographs of impossibly cool people at http://theimpossiblecool.tumblr.com

Very pretty.

Olympus viral – stop motion loveliness

What a lovely little viral from Olympus making excellent use of my favourites, stop motion animation and photography!

Russian Exposure


Check out this lovely set of phormagraphs from Russia here (thanks Sell! Sell! for the link) using creative lighting and mega-long exposure.

As a lomo fan I give this a big thumbs up.

Smart one.

Russ and Reyn

Russ and Reyn - Master Hands

Loving the Master Hands pics from Russ and Reyn.

More of their lovely photography at their website here.

Thanking Super Punch for the link.

The tales of Milk Toof

My Milk Toof

Cutesy blog documenting the tales of Milk Toof.

Read and love at My Milk Toof.

Looking Into The Past

looking into the past

Just come across this lovely bit of photographic work – a collaborative Flickr project of photos tagged with ‘looking into the past’ where photographers have rephotographed a location with a image of it from years gone by overlaying part of the scene.

Lots more to see here.

New favourite photographer?


Today I am mostly loving the work of Platon. More of his work here…

Thanks to the Sell Sell blog for the heads up.

I love a bit of lomo

lomo in the park

There’s a lomography event a-happening in Viccy Park this weekend.

Getting the coloursplash out, might just see you there…


My new favourite website



That is all.

The Bubble Project

The Bubble Project

The Bubble Project’s manifesto appears to be based on the concept of resisting our culture’s predominance of advertising bombardment by defacing ads all over the world with speech bubbles.

How counter-cultural.

Kind of reminds me of the work of The Decapitator

The Decapitator hit Uniqlo

the disposable memory project

a picture

Have I written about this one before? It seems VERY familiar…  loads of cameras left all around the world, people encouraged to take a photo, blog the camera’s whereabouts, then leave it somewhere else until it’s finished, send finished cameras back to be developed and blogged, yada yada yada… Whilst I like these collaborative projects, the idea is getting a bit stale.

Linkypops: the disposable memory project

Lost your luggage?

lost luggage

What a nice concept:

  1. Go to a ‘lost luggage’ auction (these do actually exist – in Tooting, I think)
  2. Purchase someone’s missing suitcase
  3. Take photographs of the contents
  4. Post it online and try to find the owner

Take a look at the isthisyourluggage.com project and see for yourself…

Look at this fucking hipster


New Website Alert: Look at this fucking hipster

A photo/video blog which, like Ronseal, does exactly what is says on the tin.

Tres amusing.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Incredible piece of stop motion animation using photographs. With over 440k views in just 6 days, I am not the only one that loves it.

Composing New York

taking pictures

Came across the photographic work of Peter Funch yesterday, who takes daily photos of the same place in the same spot for 2 weeks, then fuses them together to one image. Nice work.

More of his lovely pics here…

Playing dead


It’s quite macabre but I like playdeadpics.com, a site dedicated to photos of people ‘playing dead’.

That is all.

Horsing around

Yesterday it was dogs in dresses, today it is horses with hairstyles. Loving this alliteration…what’s next? Cats in corsets? Rabbits who row?

hairdresser horse hairdresser horse hairdresser horses

Advertising photographer Julian Wolkenstein has teamed up with hairstylist Acacio da Silva to coiff some ponies. See the trio bigger here.

Thank you morning Metro.

Souvenir photography

Came across some really nice arty bits on Sell! Sell! this morning, one of my new favourite blogs. They picked up on some awesome photography by Michael Hughes who goes to tourist spots around the world and photographs them, replacing the iconic features with souvenirs.

Tres clever, examples below and tons more here…

Michael Hughes Paris

Michael Hughes NYC

Michael Hughes Florence

Mexican art


Thank you .meh, for showing me Dulce Pinzón, a Mexican artist who, amongst other things, photographs immigrants going about their daily life dressed as superheroes. More here…

Good blog alert

mmm cakes

On my meganet travels today I stumbled across Things I’ve Seen, a rather nice little blog about being out and about (and even in) London town with some sweet photography. I am liking the Columbia Road pics, pretty.

Behold… a Lomo gallery/store!

Lomography Gallery Store

As a bit of a fan of lomography photography (I love saying thoose two words together) I was very excited to read about the Lomographic Society’s new store and gallery in New York. If I ever happen to find myself across the pond, this will most definitely be my first stop.

I’d love to cover my staircase in lomo prints. This weekend I shall be mostly dusting off the old coloursplash and get snapping.