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A nice way to spend a Sunday eve

Jeremy Warmsley + Stricken City: The Lock Tavern, London – 25/02/2009

A pink emu helped shelter the band from freak rain showers

A pink emu helped shelter the band from freak rain showers

Although Jeremy Warmsley was the official “headliner” for Sunday night’s Kicker Conspiracy show, I have decided to shun his a schitzophrenic mug for this rather pretty Stricken City one. Main reason? I think they deserve it more.

Each JW song is a segmented mish mash of genres, occasionally slipping into dull singer-songwriter territory with only the odd flash of brilliance to perk it up. More brilliance, less dullness and a bit of continuity would have secured Sir Warmsley photographic billing here.

Stricken City, on the other hand, are very much a well formed band without split personality tendancies (we think). Leading lady Rebekah Raa sheds her crutches to lead Stricken City into a short but marshamallow sweet set, with newbie ‘Pull The House Down’ a clear standout and somewhat predictably ending on recent acclaimed single ‘Lost Art’. Whilst tonight they don’t literally pull the house down, Stricken City should definitely be on everyone’s 2009 radar.

As the title suggests, a splendid way to spend a rainy Sunday eveing in January.