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Further Complications

Jarvis Cocker

The second solo album from Jarvis Cocker, Further Complications, is being streamed for free through a widget on The Guardian’s website.

How lovely.

Win a Damien Hirst

damien hirst

Bit slow on the uptake but The Guardian is running a competition for someone to win an original Damien Hirst, the very same painting as used on the album artwork for The Hours’ new album ‘See The Light’. Answer each daily question correctly for 20 days to be entered.

I love it when music and art collide.

Teaching Twitter?

twitter bird

A former Ofsted chief has written up plans to ditch teaching traditional subjects to primary school kids and instead ween them onto the dirty world of the web, where they are taught to use Twitter, Wikipedia and learn to use spellchecker. I wasn’t even aware that you needed to be taught HOW to use spellchecker.

Should kids not be taught how to spell, rather than rely on using a machine? Do children REALLY need to be on Twitter, which is essentially only full of advertising and marketing people, and needy, attention seeking celebrities looking for a bit of free PR anyway?

Twitter rant over.

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