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A quick fix of nice links

trashy pin-up cups

Due to my busy-ness, here are a couple of links that I liked the look of this week…

  1. Trashy Pin-Up Art gallery over at Trendhunter
  2. Ironically amusing collection of hints & tips from trashy womens mags at the Hero of Switzerland blog
  3. Random sandwiches at insanewiches.com
  4. Nice tilt-shift time-lapse animation of a beach
  5. flickr gallery of hand drawn-on cups


Tales of taxidermy

Two links on my favourite subject today:

The Gopher Hole Museum

The Gopher Hole Museum in Canada – a museum dedicated to gopher taxidermy, link from neatorama.

Twisted Taxidermy from Trendhunter

Twisted Taxidermy – Trendhunter’s collection of the oddest of odd taxidermy.

Cupcake art

I was proud of my weekend cupcake handiwork…

hummingbird vanilla hummingbird chocolate

…that was, until I came across the link to these on my daily skim of Trendhunter. Nursery rhyme themed cupcakes! AMAZING!

jack and jill

Cute customised lego

lego wallly

After writing about customised My Little Pony last week, lo and behold today I come across this lovely compendium (new favourite word) of customised lego men at The Toy Zone.

Thank you Trendhunter.