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Twitter Test

According to Mashable, I can now automatically send my blog posts to Twitter. Let’s see if it works…



As the juicer of squirrels says: http://squirreljuice.net/2009/08/twitter-down-again/


Poor show

Sorry, been a poor week on the blogging front…mainly due to busy work, excessive heat and the odd cocktail or two.

Will try harder next week.

In the meantime, you can follow me @annathespy.

Nice weekends!

We’ve started a movement

twitter bird

Over lunch, we decided to start a Twitter movement.

Search for #pointless_band, add your own, etc etc.

See what happens…

hear me tweet

twitter bird

Yes, I still hate Twitter but, for work purposes, I am now an official Tweeter.

Follow me: @annathespy

A bit o’shameless promotion

twitter bird

I’ll try not to make too much of a habit of this but we have literally, just this minute, launched our first Twitter campaign for our lovely clients at 505 Games for the release of ArmA II on PC.

This is a game with a dedicated and devoted fanbase so we are taking some of the fans down to the official press event tomorrow afternoon and letting them tweet back to the rest of the community live from the event, as well as hold an interview with the developers through the Twitter feed.

Exciting times.

Follow us @ArmA2PC

A shitter Twitter


Quite literally.


Very funny.