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Post-it note animation

Yet more luvverly stop motion animation, this time with Post-it notes.


Awesome website alert: Jarvis Cocker


Today, I am mostly loving Jarvis Cocker’s new website.

It’s black and white. It’s simple. It’s bloggy. And it contains looped video of Jarv messing about.

What’s not to like?

1930’s dog drama

Really creepy, really odd:

Stop motion shredded animation music video!

Just as the title says.

Really pretty.

For ‘Everytime’ by Oi Va Voi.

Mute the song and watched the prettiness unravel…

[sorry I can’t embed but it’s not made it to YouTube yet]


This vid just got sent round my office. If this is a marketing effort for Southwest Airlines then it’s brilliant. If I was American then I’d book in a shot, although maybe that just tells you something about how susceptible I am to advertising DESPITE the fact that I work in it…

Certainly makes your flight more exciting.

Ewe will love this…

…ergh, sorry for the bad Dad joke but I am trying to beat .meh and use a better headline…or worse, depending on your view.

Came across this lovely little viral vid for Samsung yesterday, probably one of the best of its kind I have seen in a long while and with over 400k views in just 3 days it has most definitely “gone viral”.

Watch it the whole way through – the firework finale is incredible.


Check out their sugalumps

I could post so so SO much about Flight of the Conchords because, other than t’Boosh, it is probably my favourite TV programme.

I just came across this from the second season. Please please please can it be on British TV soon?