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Yet another weird viral from Diesel…

Quique the head even has his own website.

So very very odd.

Olympus viral – stop motion loveliness

What a lovely little viral from Olympus making excellent use of my favourites, stop motion animation and photography!

Ewe will love this…

…ergh, sorry for the bad Dad joke but I am trying to beat .meh and use a better headline…or worse, depending on your view.

Came across this lovely little viral vid for Samsung yesterday, probably one of the best of its kind I have seen in a long while and with over 400k views in just 3 days it has most definitely “gone viral”.

Watch it the whole way through – the firework finale is incredible.


Draw it, post it

post it

Great way to waste 10 minutes with this cute little multiplayer viral game for Post It notes. It is essentially virtual pictionary but hey,  it’s addictive.