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Hunting for the popular

we are hunted

Check out We Are Hunted, a little site I stumbled across that pulls in info from across the web (think blogs, twitter, social networks, torrents et al) to compile a daily chart of the most popular songs online.



A ninja stole this page

Thank you Super Punch for pointing out this very cool 404 page:


I love it when people get creative with their 404 pages.

And now I sound a bit simple…

Creative grooming

No, not THAT sort of grooming, THIS sort of grooming…


This is actually the most incredible website I have ever witnessed. I think my favourite is the ninja turtle…

Link courtesy of Why, That’s Deligthful. Delightful!

Kirstie (of Kirstie and Phil) loses stuff


Poor old Kirstie Allsop has lost her engagement ring and, through the wonders of modern technology, she is appealing to Hackney residents for its safe return via a dedicated website. Bless.