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Dorian Gray teaser trailer

Sadly, doesn’t excite me as much as I feel it should AND I feel the story has “Tim Burton” written all over it so it’s a shame it’s not him but… well, have a look anyway…


A little bit of trailer love

Here I am, back blogging!

Two trailers that have really stood out over the past couple of weeks:

The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus aka “the one with Heath Ledger which he will no doubt win posthumous awards for come awards season” which looks simply stunning:

Where The Wild Things Are (second trailer) reminds everyone of childhood, has Spike Jonze at the directorial helm and features that awesomely perfect Arcade Fire soundtrack:

A really great trailer can do wonders for film releases, creating that all-important hype around a release. There is certainly an art behind creating a great trailer, which can sometimes lead to disappointment when the trailer is actually better than the film itself.

A little bit of food for thought…

A quick fix of nice links

trashy pin-up cups

Due to my busy-ness, here are a couple of links that I liked the look of this week…

  1. Trashy Pin-Up Art gallery over at Trendhunter
  2. Ironically amusing collection of hints & tips from trashy womens mags at the Hero of Switzerland blog
  3. Random sandwiches at insanewiches.com
  4. Nice tilt-shift time-lapse animation of a beach
  5. flickr gallery of hand drawn-on cups


Look at all the pretty colours…

Some lovely stop motion animation I cam across last week from PESfilms.

Fireworks, coins, sweets, mmmmmmm…

Lego Arcade

Lego. Retro computer games. Stop motion animation.

What is not to love?

Yet another neatorama joy link.

Heart beats fast like a tiny machine…

…I am electro boy. I am electro girl.

Just spotted this competition for The Mighty Boosh fans on the YouTube homepgae. Video from Naboo explaining below…

Series 4, anyone?

Post-it Love: A short film

More cute post-it note based frippery, this is so twee it’s practically a Belle & Sebastian video: