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Yet another weird viral from Diesel…

Quique the head even has his own website.

So very very odd.


Today I mostly love Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter

Today I have a lot of love for Trend Hunter who I often find are linking to me.

Where else would you find articles entitled Cougar Rom Coms and Counterculture Bibles rubbing shoulders with Origami Tea Bags and 21 Constricting Corsets?

Loving your work 🙂

And just for the record, I was actually wearing a pair of ‘jeggings’ today…


What I’ve been up to…

Super Contemporay Coco Avant Chanel Futurism Moon

Super Contemporay @ Design Museum: Hugely inspiring look at iconic deisgn in, around or created in London. Especially loved the maps created for individual’s own London life. On my recommended list.

Coco Before Chanel: 30 minutes too long, too much time spent stringing out the beginning in slummy old Paris, not enough empathy with Coco. I so badly wanted to love it too…

Futurism @ Tate Modern: A little wishy washy but some good pieces to see. Not the sculpture. Do not like the sculpture.

Per Kirkeby @ Tate Modern: A bit angry for my liking.

Moon: Super intelligent film. Love Sam Rockwell. Love Kevin Spacey’s creepy-yet-etheral voiced GERTY. Brilliant artwork too.

Gilbert & George JACK FREAK PICTURES @ White Cube, Hoxton: Bold, brash and brassy, as I’ve come to expect from the Shoreditch-based twosome. Worth a scoot around if you’re in the area.

Look at this fucking hipster


New Website Alert: Look at this fucking hipster

A photo/video blog which, like Ronseal, does exactly what is says on the tin.

Tres amusing.

Horsing around

Yesterday it was dogs in dresses, today it is horses with hairstyles. Loving this alliteration…what’s next? Cats in corsets? Rabbits who row?

hairdresser horse hairdresser horse hairdresser horses

Advertising photographer Julian Wolkenstein has teamed up with hairstylist Acacio da Silva to coiff some ponies. See the trio bigger here.

Thank you morning Metro.

Designer Dogs

Last month I was mostly interested in ‘creative’ dog grooming.

This month, I am all about the designer dog dresses.

designer dogdesigner dog

What a website. So so creepy.

I need: 1 photography project

I have recently become a little bit obsessed with What Katie Wore.

In case you aren’t aware, it’s a little project where the aforementioned Katie attempts to wear a different outfit every day for an entire year and daily photographs detailing her ‘look’ are posted on the blog.  Here’s yesterday’s, loving the splashy watercolour painting dress…

what katie wore

On a similar note, I am also a little obsessed with Face Hunter – one man, his camera and a whole world to pretentious fashionistas to photograph. I am especially loving this guys’ continental-moneyed-lothario-musician look:

Face Hunter

This is inspiring me to start my own little photography project. Any thoughts…?